michele maisano

I’m as dedicated today as the first day I started in the hair industry 21 years ago. I love to educate and help guests with their hair. I do this by factoring in skin tone and face shape and lifestyle.

With this continued passion I have achieved numerous certificates in hair colour, colour corrections, colour placements, hair loss and business.

I’m currently adding to my education and services in the area of advanced Hair Loss.

Helping clients gain knowledge and confidence has been the most rewarding.

When I’m not talking and studying hair, I’m talking about food and my two lovely adorable cats Chloe and Paige. 

Plus, I like researching new vegetarian recipes, preserving and canning whole food for sustainable living and ways to improve my vegetable garden in my downtime.

jason maisano

I’m a second generation hairstylist. I grew up working Saturday’s in a salon. Working at the front desk and sweeping floors. I’ve seen the hairstyling industry evolve over the years.  The area I’ve enjoyed growing in the most is helping clients with hair loss.

Why? Because hair loss now affects 1 in 3 people. Many clients have questions about where to go for treatments, what to do about thinning and where should they start.

Outside the salon I have  two favourite hobbies. I like gardening and making wine. It’s always great standing back and being able to see something that was created much like working with hair.

Three things I’m happy to be a part of is the Wigs for Kids foundation, Hair loss University and Schwarzkopf Foundation of Colour.

Kate Johnson

My favourite part about being a hairstylist is teaching others to love their hair. Healthy hair is my passion, and I believe keeping the integrity of the hair is essential in achieving a beautiful result.

I discovered my love for helping people embrace their natural curl and waves through my own journey of transforming and healing my hair. As a curly girl myself, I understand the importance of ingredients, styling technique and treatments.

After a thorough consultation, I will consider your face shape, lifestyle and personality to achieve the proper haircut/colour to suit you perfectly.

My first hand experience will allow me to coach you on how to work with your natural texture, guide you to reach it’s full potential and nurture it back to health.

Eryn Galloway

I have always had a passion for art and creativity. That is what attracted me to the hair industry.  I have been a licensed hairstylist for over 10 years.  I keep up on the latest hair trends and techniques.

Plus, I love helping people feel their best and clients can feel comfortable opening up to me about hair challenges, desired looks and how they what to improve the condition of their hair.

When I’m not in the salon I love relaxing with my family, my two cats and dog named Isley.

I’m always trying new healthy recipes and being outside in nature.

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